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Announcement on the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Nanchang University (No.1)



The sun and moon embrace new days and nights, and the rivers and mountains raise new men and women.Over the past one hundred years, Nanchang University has cultivated as many talents as verdant trees in the forest.

Nanchang University is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary on May 2, 2021.

Reflect upon history as a mirror to see far into the future, and stay true to our first aspiration to march forward on the journey. One origin of Nanchang University can be traced back to Jiangxi Public Medical School, which was founded in 1921 to serve the people and transmit the knowledge of medicine. The other origin of Nanchang University is the Department of Biology of National Chung Cheng University, which was established in 1940 in midst of trials and tribulations and flourished in Southeast China. In 1958, Jiangxi University and Jiangxi Institute of Technology (later renamed Jiangxi Polytechnic University) were founded, attracting distinguished scholars and benefiting Jiangxi people. In 1993, Jiangxi University and Jiangxi Polytechnic University merged to form Nanchang University, ushering in the institutional reform of higher education across China. In 2005, Nanchang University merged with Jiangxi Medical College, thus consummating the restructuring process and covering all the fields of humanities, science, engineering, and medicine.

While looking back upon the past, Nanchang University is determined to adhere to the ideals of precursors, pass down songs of integrity, and take on social responsibilities. Nanchang University has always been in line with the times and in concert with national destiny. In this age of peace and prosperity, whenever the nation calls, it responds instantly. Nanchang University adheres to the principle of esteeming talented people, valuing moral education, and treasuring great learning. It is dedicated to promote its intrinsic value, develop its comprehensive strength, and enhance its social impact. Nanchang University has seized the new opportunity to take part in the “Double World-Class” Plan and pioneer in the building of a world-class university in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province.

When the Spring breeze quickens a new birth in the South of the Yangtze River, Qianhu Campus is filled with living hues and sounds: limpid water shimmering in the Runxi Lake, lush trees booming on the Lailong Mountain, fledgling birds singing for the coming summer, and colorful clouds embellishing the sky. In this promising season, Nanchang University sincerely invites all alumni and distinguished guests from all sectors of society to participate in the anniversary, to pool wisdoms and gather strengths, to make joint contributions to the development of Nanchang University, and to paint the grand blueprint for the future of Nanchang University.

It is hereby announced to all those concerned. We sincerely look forward to your active support and participation.

Nanchang University

May 26, 2020

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